McEllemo Consulting Company is a firm focused on foreign direct investment advisory services.

MCC understands the region’s main strengths and weaknesses, and is armed with an extensive knowledge of emerging markets - local and international stakeholders, industry and sector landscapes which gives our clients strategic and tactical competitive advantage while offering the right match with the profile of your industrial or service landscape.

We help our clients find the right strategy for their endeavours by using the appropriate tools, models, research, and approach. MCC has become an integral part of the decision making process for greenfield or expansion projects in the region.

MCC works with local companies to become more internationally mobile, assisting them in looking for investment, opportunities and partners both locally and internationally. MCC works with investment promotion agencies of countries, regions, states and cities to attract more investment in their location which has allowed local firms to compete on an international playing field as well as gain access to international markets.

MCC analyses each target sector including current sector trends, major plays and recent investment to ensure that the client’s needs are sufficiently met.

In line with our foreign investor partnerships, we also offer a range of concierge services for our clients and their affiliates.